Serengeti Diamonds, previously known as the Great Migration, is an African safari theme from Lightning Box Games and formerly known as the Zannies. On these websites you can now play a slot game based on this beautiful African safari. The game itself is a bit different than the typical slot games you might be used to playing such as Badugi, Monopoly or others. Instead, here you are dealing with two types of cards: those that you receive from winning the game, and those that are placed randomly within the “Deck” which can be used for re-buying items at the shop.

The object of the slot game is to collect as many diamonds as possible and place them in as many “rows” as possible. You do this by laying out your reels and then carefully watching them spin around. This is done by clicking on the appropriate icon on the reels – usually one of the icons with a slot for diamonds. The more diamonds you lay out, the higher your winnings will be. Also note that there are two versions of this game; one where you use the same reels, and one where you randomly select reels.

As part of being able to collect as many free spins, you can also get other gifts that can help with your progress through the game. There is a 100% bonus available for players who already have the Serengeti diamonds. This means that they can collect two free spins for free! In addition to the two free turns, you also receive a “Bonus Shot”. These are special shots which deal out eight times more damage than normal and thus, allow you to score more points.

The game can be played either by laying out your reels or randomly. If you choose the random option, you will get bonuses depending on the number of players you have played. When playing with more than four players, there will be a larger selection of icons that will appear on the screen to indicate bonus spins. You can play the bonus game by selecting the icons that come up and clicking the desired icon, which then gives you a free shot. Note that these free shots are not allowed to land on any other player’s slot.

If you wish to bet using real money, you need to use a card symbol machine. The symbols used here are the usual currency from Africa – US dollars. Lay out your reels according to the instruction on the card symbols and place your bets accordingly. Note that it is important that you bet long when playing the scatter strategy. This strategy can give you an upper hand if you play your cards right.

To play the slot machines for Serengeti diamonds, you will need to enter the nominal amount you wish to place in the machine. There is also an option for betting multiple coins. This allows you to increase the amount of your initial stake without the risk of incurring loss. With this form of gambling, you can take comfort in knowing that your money is well protected should something unexpected happen.

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