Halloween Haunts is a freeware online flash game and it is so terrifying that I fear the author may inspire many to try and copy his work. The graphics are frightening and the sounds are very disturbing. There are monsters prowling the darkened hallways, and you are asked to investigate the strange sounds by entering specific rooms. Once in the mystery rooms the monsters will lunge at you with their claws, but there are also other creatures which make nightmarish sounds, like sewer creatures and wailing ghosts. Each room has a different number of mini-games and puzzles to complete before moving on to the next level.

As I mentioned, there are many different levels from beginning to end, ranging from beginner to expert. This means that there are enough levels to keep you coming back for more, as you master the various skills required to complete each level. One of the greatest features of Halloween horrors is the very useful and entertaining free-spinning option. You can use the free spinning option when playing the game, this allows you to mix up the speed of the symbols so that you avoid getting hit by one and also to change the symbols around to help you collect all the stars and avoid being stunned or killed by monsters. As you move on through the different levels of Halloween horrors you will earn points that you can use to buy the different weapons, such as the boomerang, which is useful for scaring the monsters away.

The graphics are very graphic and have the right effects, creating a very scary effect. However, do not let this make you think that this is just a mindless flash game, as there are many skills required to complete each room, such as pattern recognition, timing and memorizing different symbols and pictures. If you are playing on the Expert mode of the game you have to use a certain strategy to win all the rooms, and there are many ways to win. You can get bonus points for achieving a pattern or a star rating, and once you have accumulated enough points you can purchase upgrades and weapons in the Shop, allowing you to change the game into something more challenging. With just a little patience and practice it should be possible to design winning combinations with only a few tries.

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