Slots are all the rage these days, especially in casinos. If you’ve ever walked away from a casino and thought “I sure hope they hit that jackpot”, then Genies Touch definitely fits into that category. Genies Touch, also called Ginzu, is a new slot game coming from Quickspin. According to Quickspin’s stats, over 4.000 people have played this new slot game. According to several reviews, users are really enjoying playing this game since it is simple and easy to play.

What makes it unique? It’s a four-reel slot game that is part of the “Fantasy Universe” collection by Interplay Entertainment. It will allow you to win big amounts of money with a little luck, and the bonus rounds make it even more fun to play. The best part about it is that there are no other games like it in the “Fantasy Universe” series. This game is already starting to set records for player participation, and with continued updates and versions by Interplay Entertainment, we can expect a lot more in the future.

What are some of the benefits you stand to enjoy from playing this slot game? Apart from its obvious use as a reference point when thinking about the outcome of the Genies touch slot machine, one of the main benefits is the introduction of the “L lamps”. These lamps are a must-have because it is one of the main features that makes you think about the “genie”. When you place your Genies on the Genies touch slot machines, there are actually four different colors that you can choose from, namely, the red, yellow, green, and blue lamp.

All four of these colors represent four of the five possible outcomes. When the Genies touch the center lamp, it will produce a total bet of one hundred dollars. This means that you only have to place a hundred dollars on the machine in order to win a jackpot. This means that playing this game will not just net you a small pot but will also net you a sizable one if you play it with the proper strategy. Although it may be difficult to imagine, there are actually people who place a lot of bets on these slot machines and are able to win a significant amount of money from it.

Aside from winning big amounts of money, another benefit you stand to get from playing “Genies”, as well as from playing any of Interplay’s other bonus games, is the presence of RTP (roll timing technology). This is a sophisticated system which enables players to adjust the frequency with which they strike the reels. For example, some players prefer to place the reels while the others wish to wait until they hear the indicator blink. When this technology is used in combination with the random number generators, which are found in all of Interplay’s slot machines, the result is a machine that accurately determines the odds of winning and, more importantly, the profitability of each individual spin.

The way that Interplay utilizes RTP in the Genies touch and other of their slot machines is by allowing players to decide whether they want to play using a fixed or variable number of bet. If you bet using a fixed number of bets, then every time the machine will make a number that corresponds to the number you bet, you will get a payout. If, however, you place your bets in a manner that allows you to set your own winnings and lose the same amount if you lose, then you will be given a specific payout frequency. There are a lot of variables that you can experiment with in order to adjust the way that the game is reeled in order to increase your chances of winning. Aside from the frequency with which the reels are pulled, you can also adjust the pay lines and the associated bonus points, enabling you to play a unique slot game every time.

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